Physical, Technical and Computer Sciences Institute of Yuriy Fedcovich Chernivtsi National University

Field of training and specialties

Section of Engineering and Telecommunication

1. Department of Correlation Optics
Field of training: Optotechnics
Speciality: Photonics and optoinformatics
Field of training: Communication Networks
Speciality: Communication Networks

2. Department of Optics, Publishing and Printing
Field of training: Publishing and printing
Speciality: Technology of electronic media publications
Speciality: Laser and Optoelectronics

3. Department of Radio Engineering and Information Security
Field of training: Radio Engineering
Speciality: Radio Engineering
Field of training: Systems of technical protection
Speciality: Systems of technical information protection, automation its processing

Section of Physics

1. Department of General Physics
Field of training: Technology Education
Speciality: Labour training. Informatics
Field of training: Professional Education
Speciality: Technology and equipment of mechanical assembly production

2. Department of Theoretical Physics
Field of training: Physics
Speciality: Physics
Speciality: Theoretical Physics

3. Department of Solid State Physics
Field of training: Physics
Speciality: Physics
Speciality: Condensed matter physics

4. Department of Thermoelectricity
Field of training: Applied Physics
Speciality: Applied Physics

5. Department of Optoelectronics
Field of training: Physics
Speciality: Physics

Section of Electronics, Semiconductors and Nanotechnology

Department of Physica of Semiconductors and Nanostructures

Field of training: Electronics
Specialty: Micro-and nanoelectronic devices and equipments

Department of Electronics and Power Engineering

Field of training:  Electronics
Speciality: Physical and Biomedical Electronics
Speciality: Electronic instruments and devices

Field of training: Electrical and electromechanics
Speciality: Alternative and renewable energy sources
Speciality: Light engineering and light sources

Section of Computer Technology

1. Department of Mathematical Problems of Control and Cybernetics
Field of training: Computer Science
Speciality: Computer Science

2. Department of Computer Systems and Networks
Field of training: Computer Engineering
Speciality: Computer Engineering

3. Department of Software Computer Systems
Field of training: Software Engineering
Speciality: Software Systems