Physical, Technical and Computer Sciences Institute of Yuriy Fedcovich Chernivtsi National University

Department of Optoelectronics

Field of research

Subjects of Research

  • Electric, photoelectric and luminescent processes in semiconductor barrier structures
  • Semiconductor solar cells based on cadmium telluride
  • Semiconductor detectors of X-and g-radiation-based II-VI semiconductors
  • Generation-recombination processes, Physics and Chemistry of point defects of isovalent-doped semiconductors, self-organization processes and quantum-size effects


Research subjects of the Department

Generation-recombination and transport processes in wide-gap semiconductors and barrier structures.

State budget research topic

Physical processes in optoelectronic sensors based on wide-gap II-VI semiconductors


  • Investigation of photovoltaic sensitivity of diode structures in the spectral range 0.6-5 eV
  • Characterization of generation-recombination centers in diode structures
  • Determination of the lifetime of the charge carriers from photovoltaic measurements
  • Study of electroluminescence of Schottky diodes in the spectral range of 0.6 - 5 eV
  • Creation of surface-barrier diode structures involving chemical treatment and ion etching crystal surface
  • Creation of ohmic contacts to II-VI semiconductors including semiintrinsic semiconductors


During the last 10-15 years, faculty and staff of the department have been repeatedly awarded grants to attend international conferences of the world level, including: