Physical, Technical and Computer Sciences Institute of Yuriy Fedcovich Chernivtsi National University

Department of Radio Engineering and Information Security

History of the department

Department of Radio Engineering and Information Security is one of the youngest in the "Institute of Physics, Technology and Computer Science." Within 24 years, 3 doctoral (DSc) and 17 candidate’s (PhD) dissertations were defended by the staff of the Department. 3 professors, 9 associate professors and 6 assistant professors work at the Department. PhD, Professor L.F. Politanskyy is the Head of the Department.

The department has trained more than 1500 engineers of radio engineering and information security. The department offers postgraduate and doctoral training of the highest qualification to the staff in "Solid State Electronics" and a postgraduate course in "Radio devices and telecommunications." A specialized academic council has been functioning for 12 years for defense of dissertations in "Solid State Electronics".

The geography of the activities of our graduates is fairly broad. The graduates of our Department work for the “Ukrtelecom” Company, the regional broadcasting company, the service of governmental communications, border troops, customs, inspection of regional radio and TV studios TVA, NIKO-FM and other commercial organizations. Many of our graduates work in universities and firms of the radio branch in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Israel and other countries.

The junior and senior students are engaged in the workshop of radio construction, radio amateurism, cryptography and digital communication systems. For radio amateurs of the Department a collective radio station UR4YWW operates. The Radio Engineering students take part in international and national competitions in radio communications on short and ultra short waves and win the prize places.

On the orders of the rector in 2003 a designing bureau «Alef» was created on the basis of the Department of Radio Engineering, which consists of the following units:

  • « The systems of information protection» (the aim is to increase students' knowledge in the field of counter loss of information, identification and neutralization of technical means of information loss),
  • «Information Technology» (the goal is to develop the software for high-level languages, design devices connected with external computer hardware systems, study the programming languages),
  • «Telecommunication Systems» (the purpose is to study the methods and means of receiving, processing and transmitting information signals),
  • «Audio Technology» (the goal is to improve students' knowledge in the field of acoustics, sound techniques and recording audio information).

The graduates of the Department in speciality "Radio Engineering" acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in generating, amplifying and converting electrical oscillations, radio wave propagation, restoration of the transmitted signals, design of electronic equipment and automation of its work. Students get practical experience working with electronic equipment and its programming that gives opportunities for application of acquired knowledge and skills in many areas of life.

The graduates of the Department in speciality "Technical protection systems" are acquiring engineering and technical skills, profiund knowledge in the field of information security technologies in different sectors of society which allows them to operate successfully in manufacturing plants, banks, human rights agencies and research institutions of the country .