Physical, Technical and Computer Sciences Institute of Yuriy Fedcovich Chernivtsi National University

Department of Theoretical Physics

History of the department

Since the Chernivtsi University foundation in 1875 the Department of Physics has been a part of the Philosophical Faculty. Scientists of the department conducted researches in crystallography, optics, molecular theory, meteorology. In 1876 the department of Physics was divided into two: the Departments of Experimental and Theoretical Physics.

The development of the Theoretical Physics Department started with the arrival of Prof. A.H. Samoilovych in 1949 – a student of such famous scholars as Ya.I. Frenkel and V.O. Fock. A.H. Samoylovych established himself as a creative researcher and teacher. He was the Head of the department from 1945 to 1949.

From 1967 to 1986, the Department of Theoretical Physics was headed by Prof. V.M. Nitsovych. He created a research school at the department, prepared nearly 40 PhDs, seven of whom became doctors and professors. Among his students there are university rectors, vice-rectors, and deans, heads of departments, professors, associate professors and leading experts of research institutes of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

Since 1986 the Department of Theoretical Physics has been headed by Prof. Mykola V. Tkach. M.V. Tkach has created a strong scientific school of young scientists of the department that deals with physics of nanoheterosystems. Under the direction of Prof. M. Tkach many scientists gained scientific degrees: 20 PhDs and 5 professors (V.I. Boychuk, V.A. Holovatsky, V.M. Kramar, O.N. Makhanets, J.O. Seti).

For the last 50 years the Department of Theoretical Physics has produced about 400 graduates, 200 of whom got PhD degree and more than 20 became professors of Physical and Mathematical sciences.

The department has postgraduate studies. Postgraduates’ researches are supervised by professors Tkach M.V., Hutsul I.V.. Holovatsky V.A., Makhanets O.M. and docent Seti Ju.O.