Інститут фізико-технічних та комп'ютерних наук Чернівецького Національного Університету імені Юрія Федьковича

Випускник кафедри ФТТ, доктор фіз-мат наук Коров’янко О.Ж., співробітник Meta-Lasers Research and Development Inc (США), пропонує цикл лекцій.

Course Description and Objectives
In this course we will build technical presentation skills, learn how to discuss technical problems
and how to communicate experimental results
You will be able to prepare your own course and to teach it starting September 1, 16, possibly,
with follow up practice in summer
-Hold entrance interviews, advertise your syllabus to selected students
Prepare for psychometric testing. Try test materials in class, develop strategies f or selecting
students with growth mindset
-Present lectures effectively and concisely, develop skills of motivating student's hard work
-Grant Proposals, preparation and submission, from your idea to industry applications
-Discuss problems taking care of opponents, resolve disputes in scientific views
-Put down your experimental data in a way understood by co-workers
Instructor Ph.Ds. in Computational and Experimental Physics, 15-year experience in 5 US
Universities, Argonne National Laboratory, in medical and laser industrial laboratories.
Email: Oleg.Korovyanko@gmail.com, https://www.linkedin.com/in/oleg-korovyanko-043b29b
Course details
Copies of lecture notes, -to be distributed in class
Adrian C. Melissinos, Jim Napolitano, Experiments in Modern Physics, Academic Press,
(Elsevier) Amsterdam ... Tokyo (2003)
MIPT course "Scholarly Communications" on Coursera.com
Be a Successful Consultant: An Insider Guide to Setting up and Running a Consultancy
Practice, by Susan Nash
Group of University Faculty Applicants, LinkedIn.com
Same on Meetup.com
Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck
John Gottman, Stanislaw Grof- on psychological aspects of learning
Class meetings from March 1 tо April 4 квітня, 2016
M, Tue, Th, F, S 5:30-8:30 РМ ауд. 204, bldg 9 ЧНУ на Сторожинецькій
After March 15 - 5:00-9:00 РМ
March 28 - holiday
Prerequisites Understanding technical presentations in English, grammar skills higher than 480
score on TOEFL
Example Psychometric entrance test to Technion, Israel
Grades 85-100% 5- a student knows something and understands the course -------------------------
70-85% 4-------------------------------a student understands the course-------------------------------------
55-70% 3---------------------------------------------respectful to himself, to opponents and colleagues
Lack of skills, of understanding and of self-respect shall certainly be estimated in other courses
Брак навичок , розуміння і поваги до себе будуть оцінюватися, напевно, в інших курсах.