Інститут фізико-технічних та комп'ютерних наук Чернівецького Національного Університету імені Юрія Федьковича



The Main Goal

The purpose of the society is to contribute to progress in optics and related sciences, and to promote their applications at the Ukrainian and international levels, by bringing together individuals and legal entities involved in these disciplines and their applications. The Ukrainian Society of Pure and Applied Optics (USPAO) serves as the joint forum for all individuals, companies, organisations, educational institutions, and learned and professional societies, who recognise the opportunity and challenge that a common European base provides for the development of optics in its broadest sense.


  • regular distribution of information materials concerning grants, competitions, conferences on optical topics, educational programs etc.;
  • dissemination of information on USPAO activity for attracting new members, including collective ones, among research, educational and industrial organizations;
  • the requested information is submitted to the EOS Headquarters;
  • regular monitoring of the state-of-art of R&D in optics in Ukraine and abroad is carried out; the corresponding bulletin is distributed among USPAO members;
  • permanent monitoring of educational activities in optics and photonics in Academy of Sciences and in Universities of Ukraine as well as the expert commissions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is carried