Інститут фізико-технічних та комп'ютерних наук Чернівецького Національного Університету імені Юрія Федьковича


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How to join through an EOS Branch or Affiliated Society


If you have a national optical society in your country that is a Branch or Affiliated Society of the EOS you may join two societies at once by becoming a member of your national society and thus automatically a member of the EOS as well.

This situation is absolutely right for USPAO. Thus, one can join to the USPAO by two way:

(I) One must contact with membership office of EOS http://www.myeos.org

(II) Or one must contact directly with membership office of USPAO by E-mail: uspao@chnu.edu.ua


Annual fee: for regular membership – 18 euro, for students – 10 euro. Annual fee may be changed every calendar year.