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Hackathon in Tbilisi 2019

And so we started our 2019 #EaP_Hackathon in Tbilisi! Inspiring welcome from Sinziana POIANA, the Policy Officer for Civil Society Support of the European Commission, EU Neighbourhood & Enlargement (DG NEAR): “Our agenda goes beyond the technical meaning of digitalisation, it goes to how we can bring this into civic participation, how we can tap into these great ideas that all of you bring to the table every day. Up until now our regional EaP Civil Society Hackathon has been the most successful civic tech initiative”.

Hack teams have been created and civil society activists start working with developers and designers on 20 ideas of digital solutions that will soon become a reality.

If you want to know more about ideas we are working with in Tbilisi, check them here ➡️http://eapcivilsociety.eu/news/project-news/it4society.html

Huge thanks to European Union in Ukraine and საქართველოს ინოვაციების და ტექნოლოგიების სააგენტო / GITA (Georgian Technology and Innovation Agency) for your support!

More information about the Hackathon ➡️http://ict.eapcivilsociety.eu/en

3 hard days and sleepless nights, new contacts and experience, 20 prototypes of digital solutions and it is so hard to choose only three projects, but here are they are: three tools nominated for the Digitalisation for Civil Society Award!

✅Provodnik, the interactive map on accessibility of public spaces in Odesa by Anna Krys (Anna Sergeevna) from Ukraine

✅Rubbish, the educational online game for teenagers on separate waste collection by Palina Pliskouskaya (Polina Pliskovskaya) from Belarus

✅Gluten Free, the mobile application for people with gluten intolerance by Olha Tereshchenko (Olga Tereschenko) from Ukraine

One of these three projects will get the EU support to be fully developed and launched.